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If you've not joined in with our #thisgirlcan weightlifting month, there's just a couple of days left. Pick up some……
Today @ 1:18 PM  
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Inspired by the new @ThisGirlCanUK advert? We're promoting #weightlifting this month & would love to see your pictu……
Fri 24 Feb 17 @ 8:09 PM  
AoC Sport
It's nearly time for the brand new @ThisGirlCanUK advert. Tune into ITV during Coronation Street to catch the first……
Fri 24 Feb 17 @ 7:15 PM  
AoC Sport
Our London & East Ops Officer Charlotte getting involved with #weightlifting for our February #thisgirlcan focus. S……
Fri 24 Feb 17 @ 6:14 PM  
AoC Sport
RT @accrossenrich: Well done to our sports students for finishing a close 2nd in the regional mixed volleyball tournament. @AoC_Sport @accr…
Fri 24 Feb 17 @ 4:01 PM  
AoC Sport
DEADLINE: 5pm is the cut-off to submit your interest in taking part in our #thisgirlcan festivals - don't miss out……
Fri 24 Feb 17 @ 4:00 PM  
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There's still time to book our on-campus accommodation at #AoCChamps. Here are nine great reasons to book now……
Fri 24 Feb 17 @ 3:37 PM  
AoC Sport
RT @dxt18: @lungesandlycra Fantastic! Can't wait for you to inspire our This Girl Can ambassadors next week. Going to be a great day!! @A…
Fri 24 Feb 17 @ 3:35 PM  
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RT @sunderlandcol: Our girls will be getting active on 23 March at @AoC_Sport #ThisGirlCan North East Festival @SunCollSport!🏃‍♀️ https://t…
Fri 24 Feb 17 @ 3:23 PM  
AoC Sport
RT @SunCollSport: We are excited to be hosting the North East festival next month! #ThisGirlCan…
Fri 24 Feb 17 @ 3:12 PM  
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AoC Sport is the lead organisation for college sport and physical activity. Our vision is for every college student to participate regularly in sport or physical activity. Our purpose is to promote, support and deliver college sport and physical activity.

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