Find a Club

How can I find what clubs are within my area?

Each County FA will know each of the football clubs within the local areas in their county. Alternatively, each County FA website has a ‘Find a Club’ function where you can search for ranges of football clubs (adult, youth, disability etc.) by a distance radius from the college.


What if I wanted to approach a football club around a potential partnership?

There are a couple of ways of doing this. Firstly, you can contact the club directly through the club’s website or you can contact your County FA for their own advice on which clubs to potentially approach around a partnership.


I have some student coaches who would like to volunteer at a local football club but there doesn’t seem to be any within my local area. What can I do for them?

There are a few options here. One solution is to look at the ‘Club Message Board’ on your local County FA website. Football clubs will post messages on here trying to gain players and coaches.

Another option is to explore whether students can deliver in local schools. A school may have limited football provision due to staffing and, if an agreement is made, your student leader could potentially go in to support/lead on football sessions within the school.

You can also contact your local County FA to see what possible solutions are available.

For more information around any of the above please feel free to contact our football development team.