Women’s Recreational Football

With England Lionesses winning bronze at the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup, the interest in women’s football has sky-rocketed, with the FA Women’s Cup Final holding a record attendance and FA Women’s Super League games seeing attendances increase by nearly 78% since the World Cup.


Now with the FA’s objective to double the fan and player base of female football, ECFA has been tasked to provide even further opportunities for girls to play football. Having an inclusive and flexible football pathway, with a variety of opportunities for students to participate in, is crucial when trying to engage new students in football activities. Below is an outline of various initiatives colleges can use to engage more females in football, creating a more diverse and flexible recreational football offer.



Soccercise is an excellent way to engage inactive students, or students with no football experience, into a football-related activity. Soccercise is a fitness-to-music type session, which may look at incorporating football movements. It can be delivered in a gym/dance studio or sports hall. For more information on Soccercise download the free resource.

Just Play

Just play is a drop-in session with no set structure. The concept behind Just Play is ‘jumpers for goalposts’, in which individuals may drop in and out. These sessions can be dictated by individual participants which could include; fun match-type activities, music on in the background, and many other recreational session ideas.


Find Out More

Girls’ Football Week is a great tool to engage new girls to play football. For more information please visit our Girls’ Football Week page.