Where do I find the contact details of an opponent?

The contact details of all competing teams can be found in the ‘find a competitor’ section of this website for which you will need to log in.


How do I get a username and password?

The person who completed your competition entry form will have been issued with a username and password which enable them to log in to this website. They can request usernames and passwords for other members of staff in your institution.


What do I do if my contact details are inaccurate?

You can call 01935 823444 and speak with one of the competitions administration team or send an email to competitions@aoc.co.uk, providing us with the name of the institution and the details that need amending.


What do I do if an opponent does not make contact with me prior to the match?

It is the responsibility of the home team to make contact but if this does not happen we would expect the away team to try to make contact by telephone and email before contacting us on 01935 823444.


How do I make an appeal or complaint?

Instructions on how to make a complaint or an appeal can be found in the resources section of this website.


How can I manage my fixtures?

All institutions have been provided with a username and password for Fixtures Live and FA Full Time. This will enable you to log on to FA Full Time to amend match dates and add football scores, and to log on to Fixtures Live for the management of fixtures in all other sports. Other members of staff can be provided with usernames and passwords on request, and user guides on how to use both systems are available in the resources section of this website.


Why do we have to register players?

In situations where the eligibility of a player is questioned, we need to be able to check that the student has been registered to play and that they meet our age requirements. As a result, we insist that all players are registered and that team sheets are exchanged before each match. As an aside, it also gives us accurate information on the number of players competing: in 2016-17 more than 15,000 football players have been registered.