Active Colleges

Active Colleges is Sport England’s £25 million investment in FE sport. A total of 229 colleges are benefitting from the programme, which is part of Sport England’s commitment to increase the number of students doing at least 30 minutes of sport every week. AoC Sport helps deliver the investment through two strands:

College Sport Makers (CSMs):153 full-time sports development professionals in 166 colleges across England. CSMs link colleges with community sport opportunities to widen what's available for students, increase participation, reduce drop-out and assist National Governing Bodies (NGBs) with launching their products in colleges.

FE Activation Fund:£8 million has been invested in projects that will enable more college students to take part in sport more regularly. The projects range in size and scope but they increase regular sporting activity that is relevant to student needs and preferences.

The College Sport Training and Development Programme was rolled-out in 2014-15, offering professional development and training opportunities to college staff. If you are interested, please contact Peter Stewart.