Colleges provide a vital environment for young disabled people to learn a variety of skills and gain invaluable work and life experience. Over 560,000 disabled students benefit from support provided by the Further Education sector in England, that’s one in six colleges students.

There is growing evidence highlighting the positive impact sport and physical activity has on disabled students’ education, employment and health. AoC Sport recognises the importance of this impact and has conducted a comprehensive review into the Current landscape of sport and physical activity for disabled students (see PDF document below for the review findings).

The review has been carried out by Disability Development Officer Sam Perks and showcases information around barriers colleges face in delivering physical activity and sport to disabled students, the positive impact being active has on education, employment and health of disabled students and examples of colleges successes in this area.

The review supported the publication of a specific disability sport strategy highlighting how AoC Sport will develop this area of work over the next few years to ensure every disabled college student is active for college, work and life.

This page will provide colleges with support, resources and advice to ensure their sport and physical activity offer is inclusive and accessible for disabled students.

Contact Disability Development Officer Sam Perks at sam_perks@aoc.co.uk