Impact Report

AoC Sport’s ‘Impact Report’ highlights our successes in the college sport and physical activity sector.

The Impact Report outlines our work in three key areas: Policy, Sports development, and Competitions.

We would like to thank our members and partners for their ongoing support.

Our 2016/17 Impact Report is now fully digital. This means you can enjoy the report at your leisure, following either our entire journey throughout the year, or exploring the areas most relevant to you, your college and students.

Tips for viewing:

  • It is best seen in full screen mode (option is bottom right)
  • Videos have subtitles where necessary but are best experienced with sound on
  • It is best to navigate through using the arrows on your keyboard
  • If you are having problems viewing the Prezi or some of the videos, you may need to switch internet browser (Google Chrome works best)

View the 2016/17 Impact Report

Our 2015/16 Impact Report can still be downloaded below.