National Championships Lockdown Challenge

The AoC Sport National Championships Lockdown Challenge is in place of the 2020 National Championships, which were cancelled due to COVID-19.

We created challenges in each of the 12 National Championship sports so colleges can compete against each other.

The format and full details are available here.

The final leaderboards are below.

College Engagement Leaderboard

College NameBadmintonBasketballBocciaCricketCross CountryFootballHockeyNetballRugbyTable TennisTennisVolleyballTotal
Loughborough College210315440812331711209
Birmingham Metropolitan College336141719239151986160
Vision West Notts College5675794737565
Hertford Regional College316813117512360
Walsall College34658142134
Bolton College886830
Tyne Metropolitan College172717
Truro and Penwith College11516
Winstanley College 11115221115
Lincoln College21111311112
Weston College5611
Huddersfield New College1438
City of Stoke-on-Trent Sixth Form College2237
Hopwood Hall College2417
Dudley College11136
Barnet and Southgate College1124
Blackburn College1113
Nelson and Colne College123
Newton Rigg College11


College NameScore
Barnet & Southgate1
Dudley College1
Hertford Regional College1
Lincoln College3
Winstanley College3
Loughborough College5
Vision West Notts College5
Birmingham Metropolitan College8


College NameScore
Birmingham Metropolitan College15s
Nelson and Colne College20s
Loughborough College21s
Walsall College24s
Winstanley College26s
Lincoln College38s
Truro and Penwith College38s
Vision West Notts College40s
Hertford Regional College1m 5s


College NameScore
Birmingham Metropolitan College3 seconds
Bolton College6 seconds
Lincoln College 10 seconds
Vision West Notts College16.8 seconds
Walsall College19 seconds
Hertford Regional College26 seconds
Blackburn College32 seconds


College NameScore
Birmingham Metropolitan College23
Blackburn College23
Loughborough College23
Bolton College18
Vision West Notts College17
Hertford Regional College16
Winstanley College15
City of Stoke Sixth Form College14
Lincoln College13
Tyne Metropolitan College7

Cross Country

College NameScore
Birmingham Metropolitan College44
Loughborough College43
Tyne Metropolitan College41
Hertford Regional College39
Bolton College37
Winstanley College34
Hopwood Hall College30
Huddersfield New College30
Vision West Notts College28
Lincoln College22


College NameScore
Winstanley College101
Loughborough College96
Bolton College73
Birmingham Metropolitan College69
Vision West Notts College62
Tyne Metropolitan College54
Weston College49
Walsall College43
Hopwood Hall College40
Huddersfield New College40
Barnet and Southgate College38
Hertford Regional College29
Nelson and Colne College28
Lincoln College23
Newton Rigg College21
City of Stoke Sixth Form College18
Blackburn College16


College NameScore
Loughborough College 21
Birmingham Metropolitan College18
Vision West Notts College13
Hertford Regional College10
Walsall College9


College NameScore
Birmingham Metropolitan College14 seconds
Loughborough College16 seconds
Dudley College20 seconds
Vision West Notts College36 seconds
City of Stoke Sixth Form College38 seconds
Truro and Penwith College52 seconds
Winstanley College58 seconds
Hertford Regional College1 minute


College NameScore
Vision West Notts College35m
Hertford Regional College31m
Walsall College 28m
Loughborough College27m
Birmingham Metropolitan College25m

Table Tennis

College NameScore
Barnet and Southgate College3
Winstanley College4
Birmingham Metropolitan College5
Hertford Regional College5
Hopwood Hall College5
Huddersfield New College5
Lincoln College 6
Vision West Notts College9
Loughborough College23


College NameScore
Loughborough College53 seconds
Birmingham Metropolitan College1 minute 20 seconds
Lincoln College 1 minute 40 seconds


College NameScore
Loughborough College17
Birmingham Metropolitan College12
Lincoln College9
Hertford Regional College7
Vision West Notts College6
Winstanley College 6
Barnet and Southgate College3