ECFA Development Fund

The ECFA Development Fund supports Accredited Colleges who wish to lead on the delivery of a collaborative project in partnership with one or more local football stakeholders.

The fund supports colleges to drive collaborative delivery that meet the needs of the college and the local community. The fund was awarded to 12 colleges through an application process to deliver against pre-determined project briefs which provide a range of innovative approaches to developing football in further education and grassroots football.

Development Fund projects deliver outcomes through Education Partnerships Groups (EPGs). These EPGs are directed by the lead college and include at least one community partner.

EPGs are required to meet regularly throughout the duration of the project to ensure that progress is being made against the agreed outcomes.

These partnerships are essential for sustainability and ensuring that all stakeholders can continue to deliver outcomes beyond the 2021-22 funded project cycle.

Development Fund Overview

Funded Projects

Blackburn College Football & Mental Health

Develop a collaborative approach to mental health support. Collaborating between college football provision and external agencies/organisations to create a network of student support mechanisms that engage with community projects such as wellbeing workshops, coaching and training.

Chesterfield College Female Referee Academy

Support female students to pursue different officiating opportunities within futsal and football. The project will train, deploy and develop the female officials through working in collaboration with the local County FA and grassroots leagues.

Lancaster & Morecombe College Growing Disability Provision

Develop a disability community hub with the support of two local specialist schools and a local community centre with the shared goal of improving the local provision for disability football.

Leyton Sixth Form College Workforce Deployment

Deliver a ‘Football Champions’ initiative through a community partnership between the college and a local charity with a focus on how to facilitate a successful ‘journey’ for a young person into the football workforce.

Loughborough College Workforce Deployment

Deliver a women’s coach development network in partnership with the County FA and local clubs/leagues to upskill women’s coaches in the East Midlands.

Merrist Wood College Referee Academy

Upskill the student workforce in partnership with the County FA to create a referee academy that services local grassroots football and offers an extensive range of support to qualified student officials.

Milton Keynes College UEFA Women’s Euros 2022 Legacy

Invest in a staff member at the college to promote, plan and deliver various female focused football events and sessions both within college and the community to support the Milton Keynes Legacy group, Women’s Euro 2022.

Sheffield College UEFA Women’s Euros 2022 Legacy

Deliver a range of programmes that will increase the number of female participants and workforce within Sheffield College and local community.

South Tyneside College Workforce Deployment

Develop and deploy a student workforce carousel to deliver coaching sessions to ethnic minorities, disabled, women and lower socio economic groups.

Thomas Rotherham College Utilising Technology

Partner with a local grassroots club to support students and participants in overcoming depression and social barriers through technology in football.

Tyne Metropolitan College Workforce Deployment

Partner with a grassroots club to train up students that deliver football sessions to those for who English is a second language (ESOL), ethnic minorities and Special Educational Needs, with a focus on utilising local charities and police to engage hard to reach participants.

Walsall College Utilising Technology

Deliver an innovative extra-curricular programme that will focus on upskilling  students around technological support for grassroots football using technology to engage young people and to retain players in the game

Shared Learning

We will be collecting progress reports throughout the duration of the project cycle. Any learnings will be cascaded across the ECFA Accredited College network.

Find Out More

If you are an ECFA Accredited College and would like more information about funding opportunities please contact Dan Greenwood, AoC Sport National Football Development Officer.