ECFA Funding Opportunities

Accredited Colleges can access two different funding grants during the 2020-21 academic year to support the development of football provision at the college and where necessary, in the local community.

ECFA Restart Grant

The ECFA Restart Grant is a small grants fund set up specifically to support Accredited College to subsidise the costs of rebuilding their internal football provision.

The grant will be up to £500 per college to subsidise any extra costs incurred due to new COVID-19 risk mitigations. This grant can be used to cover expenses such as extra equipment needed, increased staff costs to oversee football delivery, extra travel costs and extra facility space needed.

The application window will open in early September and stay open until the end of October. Colleges will be required to clearly demonstrate their need for a grant and any activity subsidised will be required to engage at least 50 young people (16-19 years old) in a workforce or participation capacity.

ECFA Development Fund

The ECFA Development Fund is open to Accredited Colleges that wish to lead on the delivery of a collaborative project in partnership with one or more local football stakeholders.

The fund will contribute up to £10,000 per project to drive collaborative delivery that meets the needs of the college and the local community. Applicants will be required to deliver a 24 month project in partnership with a local stakeholder that provides outcomes against one or more of The FA’s Funding Themes.

The expression of interest window is open until the end of September. The expression of interest will provide us with a brief overview of your project and partners but is not a pre-requisite for an application.

Applicants will still be able to apply for the fund at a later date even if an expression of interest has not been completed. The first of two fund application windows will open in October. A successful application will demonstrate strategic approach, sustainability and identified partners.

Any funded project will be required to engage at least 100 young people (16-19 years old) in a workforce or participation capacity.

Please click here to complete an expression of interest for the ECFA Development Fund.

Find Out More

If you are an ECFA Accredited College and would like more information about funding opportunities please contact Dan Greenwood, AoC Sport National Football Development Officer.