FA College Grassroots Hubs

FA College Grassroots Hubs is a grant funding initiative, which AoC Sport runs in partnership with the Football Association (FA).

Hubs are able to access funding to invest in their college and forge partnerships with the local football community to create greater opportunities to play and boost participation numbers.

Once accepted colleges must demonstrate how they intend to support the following programme aims:

  1. Retain and grow male and female, adult and youth participation.
  2. Develop inclusive playing pathways for football and futsal that offers a wide variety of flexible inclusive playing opportunities for the local community.
  3. Embed a student leadership programmes, which generates more and better coaches, referees and volunteers to service the grassroots game.
  4. Open up facilities to support grassroots football clubs to gain access to sustainable use of new/existing sports facilities.

This is achieved via a collaborative approach involving a wide range of football stakeholders including the schools and universities, County FAs, affiliated clubs and local charities.

All  Hubs will be expected to recruit one male and one female student activator to facilitate and deliver activity, with the overarching aim of engaging 70 internal (college student) participants and 30 external (local community) participants into regular football activity.

Also, to ensure that inclusive opportunities are being provided by our hubs, the following percentage of total players should be a minimum of 30% female, 10% disability and 10% Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic groups.

The 93 Hubs in 2017-18 engaged 41,167 participants and over 3800 volunteers. Independent research showed the football hub activity helped tackle inactivity (9% of players had not played football before attending the hub) and increased students’ ambitions to progress onto further study and potential students to apply to college (71% of players stated that they were more likely to consider applying to college or University).

Other independent research also highlighted the role football plays in improving students’ attainment (78% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed), attendance (72%), employability (89%), mental wellbeing (74%) and their student experience (87%).

The FA will continue to invest in the Hubs until 2020. Find out more about the college and universities grassroots model here.

For the full list of College Grassroots Hubs click here.

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If you are a member college of AoC Sport and would like more information about becoming a College Grassroots Hub, or have a question about the application, please contact AoC Sport National Football Development Officer, Alice Kempski via Alice.Kempski@aoc.co.uk or on 07464 541442.

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