FE Community Football Hubs

The four Pillars of ECFA which shape our football development work are:

Participation, Competitions, Workforce, Community


FE Community Football Hubs is a grant funding initiative that spans all four ECFA Pillars. Through our current £200,000 grant and partnership with The Football Association, AoC Sport is delighted to fund 100 FE Community Football Hubs through AoC Sport membership in 2016/17.

The new philosophy and way of working was launched by National Football Development Manager Lauren O’Sullivan at the ECFA National Football Conference in May 2016. Since then, 130 colleges submitted expressions of interest, with 100 being made offers to join one of three possible funding tiers.

Through this new concept, AoC Sport and The FA are investing into colleges to develop the student and staff workforce in order to grow college and community football. This will not only impact on the growth of the game, but also support more students to become active and help drive education, employment and health objectives cross-college.

All College Football Hubs are expected to engage 20% female, 10% disability and 10% BAME participants, and recruit a male and female student activator to deliver new activity.

Lauren O’Sullivan, Football Development Manager at AoC Sport said: “We are delighted with the sector’s response to this new initiative and believe this model could transform the way we develop football and young people. We are excited to be working with 100 member colleges to develop both college and community football by investing into our staff and student workforce.

“Through this new way of working there is opportunity to have greater impact on the lives and long-term participation habits of young people. This model will directly contribute to The FA National Game Strategy 2015-19 and Sport England’s new strategy; with the overarching aim of getting more young people active through football, helping young people reach their potential and become more employable through their involvement in the game.

“Thank you to all the colleges who applied, and to The FA and Sport England for their ongoing support. We will capture the impact of this new approach, share best practice with our members and make the case for future investment into FE.”


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Contact a member of the Football Development Team for more information and to find out how your college could receive FE Community Football Hub investment.