Local Partnerships

Within this section we will explore the different partnerships that colleges can make with community-based and educational organisations, to help support not only with their own delivery but also with upskilling the colleges’ football leaders, and also allowing outside organisations to use the on-site college facilities.


All schools could potentially be approached by colleges to create a partnership, but the ECFA would recommend that colleges look to primary and secondary schools within their own local vicinity to start as a base model for future networks.

Once established within those, colleges can then start to look towards more and wider-ranging schools to build their own local school volunteering network.

Football Clubs

There are many different sorts of partnerships that colleges can create and maintain with local football clubs. The first base partnership can be around the hire of college facilities to those clubs, however, to develop student leaders colleges can create a partnership where students volunteer within the clubs who are using the facilities. These roles can range from coaching and refereeing, to marketing and in some cases being part of the clubs’ committees.

These are just some ideas colleges could use, and if you are unsure as to how many/what football clubs are within your local vicinity, your local County FA will be able to assist you in forming a partnership.

Active Partnerships

Colleges can look to work with their local Active Partnerships in a range of ways, with one example being that student leaders help volunteer at an Active Partnership event, or even the college itself hosting an event.

County Football Associations (County FA)

County FA Football Development departments are always looking at new ways to encourage football within their own local counties. In some examples, County FAs have used colleges and universities as central points for football within local communities, be it through hosting an event, providing students for referee/coaching roles, and in some cases having students obtain apprenticeships within the County FA.


For more information around any of the above please feel free to contact our football development team.