Disability Recreational Football

ECFA aims for further education football to be diverse and be fully inclusive. Working with key partners and stakeholders we want to inspire more people to play football more often by promoting, supporting and delivering enjoyable, inclusive, flexible and appropriate playing opportunities for all.


Having an inclusive and flexible football pathway with a variety of opportunities for students to participate in is crucial when trying to engage new students in football activities. Below is an outline of various football activities colleges can use to engage more male students to play football creating a more diverse and flexible recreational football offer:


  • Soccercise – Soccercise is an excellent way to engage inactive students or students with no football experience into a football-related activity. Soccercise is a fitness-to-music type session which may look to incorporate football movements. Soccercise can be delivered in a gym/dance studio or sports hall. For more information on Soccercise download the free resource below.
  • Just Play – Just Play sessions are drop-in activities with no set structure. The concept behind Just Play is ‘jumpers for goalposts’, in which individuals may drop in and out. These sessions can be dictated by individual participants and could include; fun match-type activities, music playing in the background, and many other recreational session ideas.
  • Intramural football leagues – Intramural football leagues can be created to increase competition within a recreational setting. These flexible format leagues can be run over a variety of timescales, can be created to suit the needs of individual college settings, and can be played with a varied number of individuals and teams (3v3/5v5/7v7).


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For more information and questions regarding creating a recreational football of please feel free to contact the football development team.