Men’s Recreational Football

Playing recreational football is a great way to reduce inactivity levels, plus it is can also be used throughout education to have a positive impact on student mental health and wellbeing. We also know through research that football has the power to improve students’ attainment, retention and employability.

Further education institutions have a unique opportunity to use the power of football and retain more students in the game at the age of 16 (the point at which the research shows the most people drop out of football) to create lifelong habits.

To inspire more young people to play football more often, for longer, colleges need to make their football offer inclusive and accessible. A collection of innovative, sustainable and tried and tested methods can be found in our case studies section coming soon.

Further ideas

Just Play

Just play is a drop-in session with no set structure. The concept behind Just Play is ‘jumpers for goalposts’, in which individuals may drop in and out. These sessions can be dictated by individual participants which could include; fun match-type activities, music on in the background, and many other recreational session ideas. To find out more click here.

Intramural football league

Intramural football leagues can be created to increase competition within a recreational setting. These flexible-format leagues can be run over a variety of timescales, can be created to suit the needs of individual college settings, and can be played with a varied number of individuals and teams (3v3/5v5/7v7).

Futsal Festivals

AoC Sport organises and delivers futsal leagues and tournaments regionally catering for all levels. If you are looking for a bit of competition in an indoor 5-aside format find out more about entering our futsal festivals here.

Further Resources

The FA – Expploring the Male Football Universe

For more information please contact Dan Greenwood, National Football Development Officer.