Women’s Recreational Football

More than 3 million women and girls now play football – that means it is the biggest women’s team sport in England, but there is plenty of room for more people to get involved, and lots of opportunity for colleges to help grow the game.

English Colleges FA’s ambition is for colleges to provide ‘equal access’ football offers – that means enjoyable, inclusive, flexible and appropriate playing opportunities for both males and females. Some of the most innovative, sustainable and tried and tested methods to engage and retain females in recreational football can be found here:

Further ideas


Soccercise is an excellent way to engage inactive students, or students with no football experience, into a football-related activity. Soccercise is a fitness-to-music type session, which may look at incorporating football movements. It can be delivered in a gym/dance studio or sports hall. For more information on Soccercise download the free resource.

Just Play (mixed or female only)

Just play is for anyone who wants a game of football without the fuss. It’s casual, inclusive, informal fun. The concept behind Just Play is ‘jumpers for goalposts’, in which individuals may drop in and out. These sessions can be dictated by individual participants which could include; fun match-type activities, music on in the background, and many other recreational session ideas. To find out more click here.

Futsal Festivals

AoC Sport organises and delivers futsal leagues and tournaments regionally that cater for all levels. If you are looking for a bit of competition in a 5-aside indoor format find out more about entering our futsal festivals here.

Further Resources

The FA – Exploring the Female Football Universe in England

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