Football Futures

Football Futures is The FA’s leadership and volunteering programme. The programme aims to develop the next generation of football volunteers. The programme recruits, retains, progresses, develops and rewards volunteers regardless of their background, gender or ability. Football Futures is an excellent opportunity for young people to gain further knowledge and insight into various roles within football and can offer the start of a great adventure through volunteering in sport.


The Football Futures programme is intended to support young people interested in volunteering in football by rewarding them for their volunteering and providing opportunities for them to receive training, gain experience and meet other young volunteers in the game. The FA Football Futures is currently open to any young person between the ages of 14 and 24.
Volunteering is a great addition to any young person’s CV and brings its own rewards; there are a variety of additional ways you can volunteer in football.


Student Management Teams

Student Management Team (SMTs) are groups of students who have been selected to take ownership and support football provision within the college. It is one of the fastest growing development programmes in the sector and hundreds of students are involved.


County FA Youth Councils

The majority of County Football Associations have a Youth Council, Forum or Group that works in-line with the National Game Youth Council (below) to influence change within football and ensure that children and young people are having the best experience they can within the game, with the aim to retain them in the sport as players, referees, coaches or volunteers in other roles. Each County are autonomous in their delivery but support the work of their County FA, The National Game Youth Council and ultimately, The FA.


National Game Youth Council

The FA’s National Game Youth Council’s vison is to ‘Inspire, empower and be the voice for children and young people, to influence change and develop a lasting legacy in football’. They do this by working with a network of County FA Youth Councils (above) and further partners to support the development of young people through insight and CPD delivery at events and remotely. The National Game Youth Council’s priorities come from the National Game Strategy, with a main focus around ‘Developing Inclusion and Diversity, Supporting the Development of Women’s Football and creating a better equipped volunteer workforce’.


Find Out More

If you have any further questions regarding the ECFA Football Activator programme please contact Matt Dandy or Nick Hawkins.