A summary of the Sport England strategy for colleges

On 19 May Sport England launched its new strategy outlining how it will implement the Government’s strategy for sport and physical activity.

Sport England Strategy
Sport England’s new strategy: ‘Towards an Active Nation’ cements their commitment to make tackling inactivity a key priority. This is a significant shift in priorities from previous strategies.

We were pleased to see Sport England has seen ‘Towards’ as a key word, in line with the national standards for college sport, ‘Towards Outstanding’.

Key points for colleges


  • Colleges are referenced in the children and young people section.
  • Colleges could impact upon all of the seven areas for investment.
  • Colleges are well placed to tackle inactivity, particularly with underrepresented groups.
  • Colleges in the 10 priority areas could benefit from this investment.
  • Colleges are well placed to deliver against the volunteer KPI’s.
  • Colleges will be a key part of the workforce strategy, as both a delivery agency and as employers.



  • 25% of all investment (close to £265 million) will be reserved to tackle inactivity.
  • £30 million will be invested into supporting a diverse volunteer workforce.
  • £40 million will be invested into organisations that get families active together.
  • £130 million will be centered on 10 priority areas and local Sport and Physical Activity strategies.
  • Sport England reaffirmed their commitment to CIMSPA as the chartered institute and will work with them to develop a workforce strategy in 2016.


Our full summary can be downloaded here.