Advanced Apprenticeship for Sporting Excellence scheme extended for another year

The Department for Education has confirmed the continuation of the current Advanced Apprenticeship for Sporting Excellence (AASE) arrangements for a further year, until March 2018.

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This short-term measure is mindful of the need for a solution which covers recruitment and funding for AASE in 2017-18.

The news follows a lot of hard work by CIMSPA, the Sport and Recreation Alliance (SRA), and NGBs including England Handball, as well as AoC Sport and our member colleges who provided valuable feedback for SRA to take to the Minister for Sport.

Sustainable successor arrangements for AASE, which fit into government’s policy on post-16 education, skills and apprenticeships, will need to be worked up for April 2018 onwards.

Discussions on this and on how sport fits into the development of technical skills, as part of the skills plan, continue between government and sport sector representatives.

Colin Huffen, AoC Sport strategic lead – policy, said: “This is fantastic news for colleges and something we’ve been working towards with CIMSPA, NGBs and the Sport and Recreation Alliance for some time.”



The AASE scheme has seen graduates such as Tom Daley and Rebecca Adlington supported to reach Olympic medal success.

It has allowed them to continue achieving their educational goals while continuing to be full time athletes.

Thank you to all colleges who contributed vital feedback, we will provide further details on arrangements for 2017/18 and beyond in due course.