AoC Sport apprentice programme to undergo assessment

AoC Sport has commissioned Switch the Play to conduct an independent research project into understanding the impact of the Women’s Football Apprentice programme 2017/18.

After a successful pilot year, the AoC Sport Women & Girls’ Football Apprentice programme, in partnership with The FA, has been rolled out to involve 18 colleges, 17 Apprentices and 4 interns.

The project aims to create a workforce solution to driving participation in girls’ and women’s football both in the FE colleges and their local community, with a specific aim to increase the number of BAME participants. Since their appointment, this workforce has already engaged 2,520 women and girls as players, coaches, referees and volunteers.

Switch the Play will visit the colleges involved in the programme to assess the impact of the project on the local women’s football landscape, as well as the effect of the AoC Sport-led Learning and Development programme on the Apprentice.

Switch the Play will be visiting the following colleges: South Gloucestershire & Stroud College, The Sheffield College, Worthing College, Tyne Coast College, Loughborough College, Bridgwater & Taunton College, Milton Keynes College, Isle of Wight College, Hartpury College, Sunderland College, Newcastle-under-Lyme College, Sunderland College, Stoke on Trent College and Joseph Chamberlain Sixth Form College.

For more information about the apprentice programme please email Ceylon Hickman at