AoC Sport member colleges can access the Athlete Inspire programme

From September, AoC Sport member colleges will have the opportunity to apply to access up to three athlete appearances over the coming year.

AoC Sport is working with Inspired Exchange to provide colleges with this excellent opportunity through the Athlete Inspire Programme, allowing colleges to access athlete appearances at no cost.

The Athlete Inspire Programme (AIP) is a new initiative from UK Sport and Sport England to help create more impact from the volunteer appearances made by UK Sport Lottery funded athletes.

You will be able to find out more about this excellent opportunity and how to apply at the AoC Sport Summer Conference (Wednesday 21 June).

The programme offers the opportunity for a suitably matched athlete to visit a selected project three times (start, middle, end).

Ideas for athlete  visits

An AIP athlete’s role can vary e.g. motivational talk, support coaching sessions, engage in a Q & A, encourage sign up/attendance/motivate individuals to choose positive pathways, help develop a pitch/offer/ideas with planning a session.

Ideally an athlete appearance would be two hours in length and the athlete would complete up to three appearances at a particular project.

Benefits of receiving athlete appearances:

  • May help with the recruitment of  participants for your project
  • An athlete sharing their journey towards success can be inspirational and motivating to your audience
  • Repeat nature of the appearances (up to three) can provide a more sustainable relationship with points of stimulation and positive reinforcement through the life course of your project
  • Can help to lift awareness and interest in your programme in the media and help to meet both national and local need
  • Opportunity to continue a relationship between the programme and athlete post appearances