AoC Sport membership review consultation

AoC Sport is consulting its members on a membership review. The review proposes the creation of new ‘affiliate’ categories which will receive a specific package of benefits. Full membership will remain exclusive to colleges.


Marcus Kingwell, Managing Director of AoC Sport, said ‘Given the challenges that the sector is facing, it is important that we look at AoC Sport’s membership offer and consider the options which are available to us. But I need our members’ help in shaping the proposals, which is why we are undertaking this wide-ranging consultation’.


Marcus is explaining the proposals at the AoC Sport regional network meetings:

  • 1 February: West Midlands
  • 5 February: East Midlands
  • 9 February: North West
  • 27 February: Yorkshire & Humber; South East
  • 1 March: South West
  • 5 March: London
  • 6 March: East
  • 8 March: North East
  • 19 March: ECFA Committee


Further information is set out in the attached paper. Members are encouraged to complete this online survey after reading the consultation paper. The consultation closes on 19 March 2018.