AoC Sport National Championships 2017 with Jordan Jarrett–Bryan

At last month’s National Championships, AoC Sport was delighted to welcome Channel 4 news reporter and Mintridge ambassador Jordan Jarrett-Bryan.

On the Thursday, Jordan worked closely with the volunteers throughout their training programme. The 40 volunteers would be working behind the scenes at each event across the action packed weekend.

Following an introduction from the AoC Sport staff, Jordan presented to the students around “opportunity”. Jordan spoke of his career growing from his professional wheelchair basketball days into being part of the Channel 4 team that would cover the Paralympic Games in 2012. Jordan grasped the opportunity of the coverage which gave a launch pad to his media career now. He strongly encouraged the volunteers to do exactly that with the coming weekend; he told them to embrace all that they were to be involved with as it would aid their future career path.

The Championships began the next day, Jordan arrived at the David Ross Sports Village to be greeted by five media volunteers that would be taking part in a small workshop around interviewing techniques. Jordan showed some footage of his favourite interviews with GB tennis star, Jordanne Whiley and rugby’s Jonny Wilkinson before moving onto some top tips. Some of the volunteers would be interviewing the competitors across the weekend, and this therefore gave them all a fantastic learning environment.

It would soon be time for them to be put to the test by their task master, Jordan. Jordan built various scenarios around post-match / race interviews that journalists may have to face:

  • An athlete has just won his sixth Olympic gold medal.
  • An athlete that was favourite to win the race has just come fourth and there are rumours of a doping scandal.
  • An athlete has just won her match and there are also pregnancy rumours.

Jordan gave the students an opportunity to be both the interviewer and the interview to enable them to grasp each situation ahead of their tasks for the rest of the Championships. The volunteers absolutely loved it and were soon able to put it to the test as the Championships began.

It was straight to the volleyball for Jordan and his volunteers to interview competitors and coaches. After seeing Jordan in action, the students were soon confident to have a go themselves and they were in front of the camera with an endless number of questions.

Volleyball, squash, hockey, football, rugby and tennis were all on Jordan’s agenda for Friday afternoon and he absolutely loved seeing the live action and at such a high standard.

1,600 students gathered at 8pm for the Opening Ceremony – the hall was buzzing as Jordan entered the stage building the atmosphere.

The Loughborough Acrobatics Club wowed the crowds with their daring routine before Jordan fuelled some healthy competition as he named each region’s flag bearers – creating a roar from his very own London! The ceremony certainly got everyone off to the right start as they head into the second day of competition.

The first stop on Saturday morning was the beautiful Morley Hayes Golf where the sun was shining for the competitors at the first tee. It was hard to tell whether Jordan was enjoying the interviewing or driving the buggy more!

Back at the David Ross Sports Village, it was straight into watch the netball where Jordan’s interviewee burst into song halfway through, we won’t mention any names…Lincoln College! The table tennis next door was hotly contested where Jordan was able to interview both parents and coaches as well adding to the buzz of the current interviews.

Jordan was eager to get across to the Badminton and Basketball venues to demonstrate the multitude of activities that were on offer across the entire weekend. Alongside one of his mentees, Jordan soon headed to Trent Bridge where they caught some great footage of the indoor competition. They were also able to gather great interviews with players outside with Stuart Broad bowling at his Sussex rivals as the backdrop!

Before long, Jordan was indulging in the delights of Saturday Night Live with the events that AoC Sport had put on for competitors: UV Badminton, Inflatable Dodgeball, Indoor Rowing (part of AoC Sport’s This Girl Can campaign) and so many more. Glow sticks galore!

Sunday soon came around, promising to deliver a huge spectacle in the finals, but first Jordan delivered a final workshop for two volunteers which followed a similar approach to his programme on Friday morning.

The two students then put the lesson to the test as we returned to the Wildcats Arena for the basketball final where they were able to interview winning players with medals proudly around their necks!

Once the excitement of the finals were over, Jordan returned to the David Ross Sports Village to present the Closing Ceremony where the South East were crowned champions and received the highly sought after Wilkinson Sword. A great end to a great weekend for Jordan.

AoC Sport would like to extend our thanks to Jordan and the team at Mintridge for taking part in a fantastic weekend.