AoC Sport national netball team travel to Northern Ireland for second training weekend

The AoC Sport national neball team travelled to Antrim, Northern Ireland for their second training weekend, where they faced Northern Ireland Under 17s.


Northern Ireland used this as their match practice for their Netball Europe competition in Gibraltar in March.

Saturday consisted of two hours of training at the Antrim Forum Sports Centre followed by two one-hour matches against the development squad and the Netball Europe squad.

Saturday results

AoC 1 v NE draw 36-36

AoC 2 v Development won

There were a number of areas we needed to focus on for the next games for both teams. This was done through a team meeting discussing strengths and weaknesses of the side and the individual players. All players had specific goals to work upon as well as the team goal.

Sunday consisted of a nice lie in, breakfast and some shopping at the Nike store.

NI Weekend

Again the squad met at Antrim Forum to play three x 15 minutes against the full Netball Europe squad.

Sunday results

AoC 2 v NE lost 23-24

AoC 1 v NE won 46-18

There were some great improvements for both teams and all players worked very hard and achieved their goals.

All the players had an amazing weekend building upon strengths for the next weekend in March in Glasgow.

Thanks go to NI Netball for their organisation and hospitality for the weekend once again a great coaching and match weekend.

Coaches’ player of the match Saturday:

Lucy Prichard

Ellis Swift

Coaches’ player of the match Sunday:

Leah Turner

Brooke Vivian