Applications invited for mixed gender open age pilot competitions

In response to growing number of requests for the FA to allow mixed gender competitions to take place in some formats of open age football, The FA have agreed to invite applications for the piloting of such competitions in the following formats:

  • Futsal
  • Small Sided Football
  • Walking Football
  • Flexi Football
  • College and University Intramural Football
  • Charity Matches

The competition organiser will as a consequence have the opportunity to designate whether the competition is; male only, female only or mixed gender.

This approach is similar to that which has evolved in hockey whereby all three of these formats exist and the participant can make an individual choice to seek out the type of competition that best suits their interests and abilities.

Organisers will be invited to work with their County Football Association and submit an application form for a mixed gender competition to the FA Sanctions and Registrations Committee by Wednesday 15 March 2017 and to subsequent meetings.

The FA have taken advice and been informed that no additional insurance cover is required for competitions of this kind. It should be emphasised that the FA will only consider applications in the formats of football listed above.

AoC Sport hopes this exciting opportunity will support member colleges and our wider stakeholders to grow recreational playing opportunities for everyone.

If you need any support contacting your County Football Association to complete the application please visit The FA website for a full list of CEO contacts, or email AoC Sport’s Football Development Administrator

Mixed football pilot application form