Assistant trainers shine in Inclusive Fitness Trainer Competition

Last week saw six incredible students from three colleges come together at the Royal National College for the Blind (RNC) to compete in one of the Inclusive Skills Competition heats of 2017. The students are all studying on Entry 3 or Level 1 courses and all have a registered disability, many with visual impairments and learning disabilities.

The students were competing for a coveted place in the finals of the competition which will be held alongside the WorldSkills UK Fitness Trainer Competition finals at the Skills Show in November, attracting more than 80,000 visitors across three days of live competition finals, have-a-go activities and expert careers advice.

The competitors prepared a mini-gym induction to a participant who was unknown to them. They needed to tackle time management, use the space safely, employ interpersonal skills with their client and plan an effective session for gym-based exercise.

The competition day was expertly judged by a professional team from RNC’s own commercial gym, Point4, in the neighbouring teaching gym which was superbly equipped.

AoC Sport and RNC as joint Competition Organising Partners were extremely impressed with how professionally the competitors conducted themselves and the judges echoed this sentiment, adding that they were extremely impressed with the quality of work shown by all those who took part.

This competition is showing to the fitness industry and the wider vocational skills network that people with disabilities or additional needs can work to the same high calibre as any other employee or that in some cases they can work in related roles, still contributing invaluably to their industry and local economy.

We look forward to seeing the winners of this heat come together with the winners of the other two heats in November, competing alongside our mainstream competitors.

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