Bridgwater and Taunton College’s ‘Fit for Work’ programme helps students get active

Nearly 230 Bridgwater and Taunton College students studying a variety of courses, including Engineering, Animal Care, Equine, Media and Commercial Fashion, have been taking part in the ‘Fit for Work’ programme at the Bridgwater and Cannington Centres.

Bridgwater FFW Programme

The programme aims to get students involved in physical activity for at least one hour per week and encourages them to participate in sport and physical activity in order to better prepare them for the physical demands of their chosen industry and future work placements. It also uses physical activity as a way of developing students soft skills, including communication, team work and dedication.

The programme takes place over six or eight weeks, and incorporates fitness testing, fitness and sport sessions, with the aim of improving their physical fitness by the end of the programme.

Students completing the course receive a month’s free gym membership and vouchers for healthy food options in our college food outlets. They also receive a certificate of attendance which has been endorsed by industry relevant employers, such as Key Stage Coaching, Orchard Vale Trust and Bright Productions.

The certificate is further proof for the students to show they are suitable for employment, as the programme prepares them for potentially physically demanding jobs.

Programme Leader Carly Martin said: “The ‘Fit for Work’ programme has enabled students from courses across the college to receive the award that recognises their fitness levels.

Bridgwater FFW Programme2


“The fact that this is an optional programme, shows their dedication and determination to complete it. These characteristics are what employers seek in their future workforce, which is why we have had so much great support from Orchard Vale Trust, Bright Productions and Kay Stage Coaching.

“A special thanks go to Molly Ardren, Jack Hamblin and Dom Hodges for overseeing such a successful programme, with the help of our BC Interns and Activators.”

Jake Elson, Associate Lecturer, Creative Arts added: “The ‘Fit for Work’ program has helped me get non-active students involved in sports and I have been able to directly relate it to their area of study with emphasis on making them more employable. This has made them engage with the activities a lot more. Also the enticing offers of free gym membership is a great hook for some students.”