ECRFU grants to develop rugby in colleges

ECRFU are pleased to announce that once again in the 2017/18 season they are able to support colleges with a ‘Grant’ of up to £500 in support of developing and/or sustaining the game of rugby at their college.

Successful applications have used this money to provide transport to ensure they can attend development games / competitions to increase interest in the college, purchase specific pieces of equipment to enable the college to move forward with their development of the game, expand provision to those learners wishing to have a solely recreational offer and also to purchase playing kit as the college had none and it was important to create a team identity for the learners.

These are just a few examples of how the monies have been spent so far this season with an overall aim to increase and sustain participation in the game of rugby. In each case the application is appropriately aligned to one of the main strategic deliverables for the ECRFU (2017/18).

ECRFU hope that colleges remain keen to develop and drive the game forward. Colleges may wish to apply for a grant to help in this process. The grants are limited to a maximum of £500 with the aim to assist as many colleges as is possible with the resources available. If colleges would like to apply for such support to ensure their project can move forward and their college can engage more young people actively with the game of rugby within any aspect it is imperative that you do so shortly.

Please contact ECRFU’s Resources Committee Chair, Peter Chapman at and he will send through the necessary application form and details required. ECRFU look forward to hearing from you.