Experts needed to develop next year’s Inclusive Fitness Trainer Competition

AoC Sport is looking for experts from a range of backgrounds to develop and redefine next year’s Inclusive Fitness Trainer Competition.

Since 2015 AoC Sport, along with Royal National College for the Blind (RNC) and the National Association for Special Education Colleges (Natspec), have been running the Inclusive Fitness Trainer Competition with shared finals alongside the WorldSkills UK Fitness Trainer Competition.

In 2019 AoC Sport will be leading the management and redevelopment of this competition, aiming to deliver parallel experiences for fitness students with disabilities as those who are able to compete in our mainstream pathway.

We are currently seeking experts from a range of backgrounds in disability education, fitness education, inclusive/adaptive training and beyond to feed into our Inclusive Fitness Trainer Competition steering group.

This group will be led by our Fitness Trainer Competition Manager, Christopher Pitts and our Head Judge, Karen Stanton who bring their experience and expertise in developing high quality opportunities for fitness students to demonstrate their skills in nationally renowned competition.

The group will be made up of select industry experts and will meet in early Spring before working remotely to define the new framework for a parallel entry pathway for students with disabilities working towards careers in the fitness industry.

AoC Sport’s position on inclusive and parallel pathways for the Fitness Trainer Competition has always been to encourage students working towards mainstream careers in the fitness industry, on Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications, to enter the mainstream competition.

We have, and always will, provide reasonable adjustment to our students who need this and are proud to show that students with disabilities have been able to reach the finals of our mainstream competition on numerous occasions.

The development of a redefined Inclusive Fitness Trainer Competition will show that students who may not be able to work at a level sufficient to study for a Level 2 or Level 3 still have skills which they can put into practise and have a valuable role to take in our country’s growing fitness industry.

If you’d like to get involved for 2019 in this rewarding area of work please get in touch with expressing your interesting and telling us a little about the experience you’d like to bring to our team.

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