Expressions of interest open to become football Super Hub

AoC Sport is launching the new concept of football Super Hubs for the 2018/19 season and is now inviting formal expressions of interest from colleges.

The purpose of the network will be as follows:

  • Consultancy Group –The Super Hub network would act as the football development advisory group. They will advise on football and futsal development matters, pilot FA products and initiatives and help shape the future model for College Grassroots Hubs
  • Grow the Game – The Super Hub network will be supported to provide more and better inclusive and appropriate playing opportunities for FE students and the community, which will focus on priority areas such as women’s and girl’s, disability and futsal
  • Develop the Workforce – The Super Hub staff will hear from experts in the sector, providing them with further CPD, as well as providing the opportunity to learn from each other and share best practice.

To formally express your interest please complete the online survey . The deadline for return is 19 December 2018.

We will announce the selected Super Hubs in the new year. The selected Super Hubs will be in post until March 2020 (subject to engagement).


Please note, alongside the expression of interest form, we will be looking at the following criteria to help us select Super Hubs:

–         A clearly evidenced USP/strength in one of the following areas:

  • Women’s & Girl’s
  • Participation
  • Performance
  • Workforce
  • Community

–          The desire to further develop one of the above areas

–          An up to date and detailed Development Plan for 2018/19

–          A track record of high engagement in the College Grassroots Hub programme


–          3 annual network meetings

–          Further CPD opportunity for staff hub lead in attendance

–          Priority access to funding (Innovation Fund)

–          Opportunity to share best practice and learn from others

–          Reward and recognition for your college programme through tickets, giveaways and discounts

–          Opportunity to discuss and influence AoC Sport projects, pilot FA products/initiatives and shape the future of FE football and futsal


Selected Super Hubs will be expected to send their hub staff lead to all 3 network events:

–          5th Feb 2019

–          16th April 2019

–          TBC June 2019


If you have any questions, or want any further detail on the Super Hub opportunity, please contact

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