Girls’ Football Week profile – Emily Simpkins

To celebrate The FA Girls’ Football Week, AoC Sport will be profiling a different member of the football community each day over the coming week.


Today, we catch up with former college footballer Emily Simpkins, who is now a full-time professional in the FA Women’s Super League with Doncaster Belles.

What was your involvement in football at college?

From 16-18 I was on a two-year coaching apprenticeship with Derby County In The Community, delivering coaching sessions in schools and at the weekends.

What roles have you had in football and what helped you get there?

I got an apprenticeship with Derby and after my two years I became a full-time qualified coach for them. I also coached at both Leicester City and Derby Centre of Excellences, and worked for The FA for seven years as a Skills Coach in Staffordshire. I am now currently assistant technical director at Doncaster Belles Regional Talent Centre.

Why would you recommend girls get involved in football?

I would recommend to at least try it, then you’ve got to enjoy it – for me I have a passion for it. You’ll also be making a difference to each one of those girls and supporting her along her football journey – and that in its self will give you a sense of achievement.

What has been your biggest achievement in football?

Signing my first full-time professional contract.

Who inspired you to play, volunteer and work in football?

My local Football in the Community, the county FA , The FA Young Leadership Programme (Football Futures), and my parents also always encouraged me.

How do you feel college football can help girls progress to play in the WSL?

I would recommend to play as much competitive football as you can – especially at this level. Being in realistic situations within football will help you learn and grow. This will be vital experience for you then to progress into the FAWSL.

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