More than 20 million Britons ‘physically inactive’ according to new report

More than 20 million people in the UK are physically inactive, according to a report by the British Heart Foundation.

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) has today published research, reported by the BBC, highlighting inactivity across the country and linking this inactivity to preventable and life-limiting health conditions.

The research explains that inactivity is directly linked to the increased risk of heart disease, costing the NHS £1.2bn every year and that it also contributes to one in 10 premature deaths from coronary heart disease, and one in six deaths from any cause.

They also found that three quarters of people in England when referred for rehabilitation after suffering a heart attack or having heart surgery, are considered to be physically inactive. They warn that more than five million deaths worldwide can be attributed to physical inactivity, making it one of the top 10 leading causes of death.

The charity also found regional variations, with the North West of England having 47%, or 2.7 million adults that are insufficiently active.

The South East had the lowest rate at 34%.

The charity is hoping that this research will spur on individuals to take up challenges to kickstart a more active lifestyle.

AoC Sport sees this shocking report as evidence of the necessity of the continued work of AoC Sport and its partners to tackle inactivity in 16-18 year olds and forge lifelong habits of an active lifestyle. There is a significant need for a sustained investment in further education sport and physical activity to support this work and prevent further health conditions developing in earlier life.