New AoC Sport National Futsal League launches

We are delighted that our inaugural National Futsal League kicks off on Wednesday 13 November, with 16 trail blazing institutions competing for the national title.

The new league will add an additional level of competition to complement AoC Sport’s current regional futsal offering.

It will provide an opportunity for institutions who are invested in the development of futsal to test themselves against the best teams in the country in further education.

Each side will play in six to eight fixtures in their group stages in a bid to qualify for play-offs.

Alice Kempski, National Football Development Manager, said: “Behind the scenes there has been a lot of hard work and preparation that has gone on to allow for the new league to come together, and we would like to place on record our thanks to the FA for supporting AoC Sport with this venture.

“We are excited for the future of futsal in further education and we look forward to developing our competition offer further to allow for more students across the country to experience the excitement, fast-paced and skilful game that is futsal.”

Ben Deacon from Wiltshire College, who has entered a men’s side into the new league, said:

“We wanted to participate this year to help with the running of the league and we have no real expectation other than to give our students further experience that may help them develop both a passion for the sport and future employability skills.

To do this, we need to participate at various levels so we have students that will support the running of regional futsal teams (coaching and officiating roles, event organisation) and we now want to provide a higher level opportunity for the students (coaching at a higher level, video analysis, sports science support).

League setup

* Loughborough College*
Men’s 1 Men’s 2
Loughborough College Milton Keynes College
City of Wolverhampton College USP College (Palmers Campus)
South Tyneside (Foundation Of Light) Newham College
Havering Sixth Form College
Wiltshire College
* City Of Stoke On Trent College* Women’s 2
Women’s 1 The College of Haringey
Tameside College USP College (Seevic Campus)
City Of Stoke on Trent Sixth Form College Havering Sixth Form
City of Wolverhampton College Thurstable School (Colchester United)
Oaklands (Arsenal)

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