New college football teams created thanks to ECFA Growth Fund awards

ECFA, the football delivery arm of AoC Sport, is delighted to announce the 25 colleges who have received ECFA Growth Fund awards.

Following a noted decline in the number of players aged 16-19 playing affiliated football, coupled with an increased demand for futsal opportunities, the FA provided ECFA with funding to help new teams compete in ECFA competitions.

National Football Development Manager, Alice Kempski said: “The funds will allow colleges to create new football or futsal teams, giving more students the opportunity to participate in sport while studying at college.

“The funding will make a huge difference to the 25 colleges who were selected. Each of them clearly demonstrated that there was a demand for more playing opportunities, and I am excited to see what difference the awards make. I am delighted that we can enable more players to keep playing the game they love.”

Grants of either £750 or £1,500 will allow 13 new football teams and 16 new futsal teams to be created, impacting over 400 students in member colleges across the country.

The FA funding will be awarded over a two-year period to allow for the creation of new teams which will compete in the 2019/20 season and beyond.

ECFA Growth Funding can be used to contribute towards the costs associated with running a high-quality further education football or futsal team, and can be spent on areas including facility hire, equipment, referees and FA-affiliated coaching and training courses.

A key strategic priority for both the FA and ECFA is female participation, and 15 of the colleges who have been awarded the funding are creating new women’s football or futsal teams.

A further three colleges are creating new pan-disability teams, who will compete in a new affiliated college league in the South West of England.

Disability football is another crucial strategic priority, and ECFA is committed to increasing awareness and further expanding the pan-disability offer. This will include nine regional tournaments to qualify for the AoC Sport National Championships, three regional leagues, and the National Disability Cup Finals, which will be held at St George’s Park.

College NameTeam Type
Ashton Sixth Form CollegeWomen's Futsal (Regional)
Bath CollegeWomen's Futsal (Regional)
Bolton CollegeMen's Football (Cat 3)
Bolton CollegeWomen's Football (Cat 3)
Cheshire College S&W (Ellesmere Port Campus)Women's Football (Cat 3)
Chesterfield CollegeMen's Futsal (Regional)
Chesterfield CollegeWomen's Futsal (Regional)
City of Stoke-on-Trent Sixth Form CollegeWomen's Futsal (National)
City of Wolverhampton CollegeMen's Futsal (National)
City of Wolverhampton CollegeWomen's Futsal (National)
East Sussex College HastingsMen's Football (Cat 2)
Farnborough College of TechnologyMen's Football (Cat 3)
Farnborough College of TechnologyWomen's Football (Cat 3)
Hull CollegeWomen's Futsal (Regional)
Loughborough College Men's Futsal (National)
Merrist Wood College Women's Football (Cat 3)
Milton Keynes CollegeMen's Futsal (National)
Notre Dame Catholic Sixth Form CollegeWomen's Football (Cat 3)
Peter Symonds CollegeMen's Futsal (Regional)
Petroc CollegePan-disability Football (Cat 3)
Salford City College (Pendleton 6th Form College)Men's Football (Cat 3)
Selby CollegeWomen's Futsal (Regional)
South Gloucestershire and Stroud CollegePan-disability Football (Cat 3)
South Tyneside CollegeMen's Futsal (National)
Tameside CollegeWomen's Futsal (Regional)
Truro and Penwith CollegePan-disability Football (Cat 3)
USP College (Palmers College)Men's Futsal (National)
Wakefield CollegeWomen's Football (Cat 3)
Walsall CollegeWomen's Futsal (Regional)

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