Social Week of Action profile: Dan West

This week, our ECFA National Student Leadership Committee are teaming up with BUCS’ Student Management Group to Support Kick It Out, football’s equality and inclusion organisation, to raise social awareness of discrimination and promote equality within football and sport in general.

To do this, they are collecting interviews from individuals who are involved in football in a variety of roles, ranging from players to volunteers from underrepresented groups, particularly those from female, BAME, disability and LGBTQ backgrounds, to raise awareness of the challenges they have faced so far in their journeys within football, and the opportunities which they have been given in order to overcome these. These will be posted on the AoC Sport website throughout the week.

The NSLC is also launching the #MeggedIt social media campaign which aims to ‘nutmeg’ discrimination.

Individuals will nutmeg someone, sharing why they are nutmegging discrimination out of sport, or why they’re participating in the campaign. To check out the campaign just search the hashtag #Meggedit on Twitter.

For the first Social Week of Action profile, NSLC chair Oli Moore spoke to fellow student Dan West.

Current role within football: I play for the South West Cerebral-Palsy Centre of Excellence

Background in football: When I moved to Yeovil about three years ago, I joined Tone ability in Taunton and it’s from there that I was invited to trial for the Somerset player development centre, and from there I have progressed into the South West Centre of Excellence.

What opportunities have you had? Ability Counts football sessions and Turn Up and Play Centre at Bridgwater and Taunton College and the playing opportunities above.

What barriers have you faced on your journey? I suffered from low confidence, I would doubt my own ability to take opponents on, but recently I have found more confidence in my own ability.

What do you hope to achieve within football? I hope that soon I will be invited to attend the emerging talent camp for potential future England players.