Social Week of Action profile: Nathan Pack

This week, our ECFA National Student Leadership Committee are teaming up with BUCS’ Student Management Group to Support Kick It Out, football’s equality and inclusion organisation, to raise social awareness of discrimination and promote equality within football and sport in general.

NSLC member Robson Pack spoke to coach and welfare officer Nathan Pack.

Current role within football: Coach at Swaffham Town FC, where I am involved with both reserve and under 18 teams. Welfare officer at a youth football club.

Background in football: I have been involved in football from when I was old enough to kick a ball. It’s a sport which I have always enjoyed as a player and when too old to play I became a coach and am still enjoying being involved with the game.

What opportunities have you had? I have always had opportunities to play football whether it be in the back garden or for local teams. I have also had opportunities to play for pro clubs when I was a youngster, including England Schoolboy trials. As a coach, I have had the opportunity to be involved with semi-pro clubs and work alongside ex-professionals.

What barriers have you faced on your journey? I have faced minor barriers such as injuries and suspensions which are frequent to every footballer during their career. A massive barrier to the early stages of my coaching journey was coaching young kids who came from all different backgrounds and were of all different ability levels. As I got better as a coach I started to understand individual needs and I was able to adapt training sessions to suit everyone.

What do you hope to achieve within football? To enable all players to enjoy their life within the game, make training session productive yet fun, as the game is about having fun and winning is not the be all and end all. Winning is nice but the main thing is that every player enjoys themselves and learns skills that will help them in their careers. I also would like to help the players I coach develop into strong human beings, who have to right attitude and mentality towards things in life.