Ssh! Cambridge Regional College launches ‘Secretly Sporty Girls Club’

Girls at Cambridge Regional College are getting the chance to take part in an array of different sports – but don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret!

CRC Girls Club

The ‘Secretly Sporty Girls Club’ – the brainchild of the college’s sports co-ordinator Sarah Allen – has been set up to allow female students to build their confidence in their ability to participate in sport and physical activity.

The club has attracted a number of girls who weren’t otherwise taking part due to feeling self-conscious. But the ‘Secretly Sporty Girls Club’ – with men not permitted to attend – has given the students the chance to try out a huge range of activities, including Zumba, Hulafit and circuits, along with more traditional sports such as badminton, tennis and gymnastics.

Sarah, herself a former ski champion, came up with the idea after bumping into a group of Childcare students outside the college shop.

“I asked them if they were interested in doing any activity and they all said they used to do sport at school but had stopped at college, and weren’t confident in their abilities,” she said.

“I suggested that they might be “Secretly Sporty” and asked them if they would like to set up a girls only session where they could choose the activities. The following Monday morning a group of five turned up and the “Secretly Sporty Girls Club” was born!”

CRC Regional Girls Club2

Student Emma Gilbey, 17, who studies Childcare, said she was enjoying being part of the Secretly Sporty club.

“I thought I was rubbish at sport before joining the club but I am better than I thought – and I do quite enjoy it,” she said.

The club has been such a success that the college had planned to start a six-week yoga course, but it has unfortunately had to be postponed due to an injury sustained by the instructor.

But in the meantime, the students intend to continue trying a new activity each week.

“They love the fact that it is their group and no men allowed!” Sarah added. “They also like the flexibility of choice.”

Sarah has now also set up an additional pilot project called ‘Healthy Girls’, which sees herself and the college nurse make themselves available every Wednesday to students from Childcare and Health and Social Care courses, to discuss any health issues and do an activity of the girls’ choice.

“This group are keen on circuits, and are now doing a Sportivate Stretch and Relax project,” said Sarah.