Students and staff develop together at Leadership Academy training days

For the first time this year, AoC Sport trained staff and students about volunteering opportunities as part of the Leadership Academy learning and development days.

Seven events took place across the country last month and alongside the This Girl Can Ambassador training for students, AoC Sport co-delivered six staff development days with partners Sports Leaders.

The events included colleges with well-established volunteering programmes sharing examples of what they do as well as a session on mentoring and supporting volunteers.

Kirstie Hickson, Policy and Projects Officer at AoC Sport, said: “The aims of the Leadership Academy are to increase the number of volunteers and improve their experience and outcomes. The development days were a way of us supporting colleges to improve their volunteering programmes by taking some time out to reflect on their leadership programmes and network to understand what other colleges are doing.”

More than 180 This Girl Can Ambassadors have been recruited to inspire females in their college to get active. They were introduced to their roles and started planning what they will be doing next year. An ambassador from each region was also let loose on the AoC Sport Instagram page for Insta takeovers from each of the training days to give some insight on what the days were all about.

One member of staff said: “It was great having the students working on the This Girl Can project next door because then we could sit down with them while they were still motivated and work together. It also gave us an idea on what has been covered so we can reiterate it at college.”

Leadership Academy key stats

  • 70 Colleges registered
  • 61 staff attended development days from 50 colleges
  • 183 This Girl Can Ambassadors recruited
  • 45 Inclusive Ambassadors recruited
  • 131 ECFA Activators recruited
  • 13 training events delivered
  • 10 Officiating Hubs recruited


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