Summary of sport commitments in General Election manifestos

With the General Election campaign entering the final stages, AoC Sport has produced a sport specific summary of the manifesto commitments.

So far the campaign has been disappointing for the sport and physical activity sector, failing to reflect the many opportunities it can bring. However, it is worth noting there are further commitments outside of sport, which will impact on health and well-being.

This includes the Liberal Democrats’ promise of a nationwide strategy for walking and cycling, the Conservatives’ new £350m Cycling Infrastructure Fund and Labour’s pledge to increase the funding available for cycling and walking.


  • Invest in primary school PE teaching and ensure that it is being properly delivered. (p.13)
  • Establish a £150 million Community Ownership Fund to encourage local takeovers of civic organisations or community assets that are under threat – local football clubs, but also pubs or post offices. (p.26)
  • Set up a fan-led review of football governance, which will include consideration of the Owners and Directors Test, and will work with fans and clubs towards introducing safe standing. (p.26)
  • Support commuter cycling routes, so that more people can cycle safely to work and more families can go out together. […] create a new £350 million Cycling Infrastructure Fund with mandatory design standards for new routes. (p.28)
  • Extend Bikeability – cycling proficiency training – to every child. […] will work with the NHS to promote cycling for healthier living. (p.28)


  • Examine the state of the [football] game, its governance and regulation, its ownership rules and the support and funding of the clubs that are vital to local communities. (p.55)
  • Review the ‘fit and proper person test’ for club owners and directors. (p.55)
  • Legislate for accredited football supporters’ trusts to be able to appoint and remove at least two club directors and purchase shares when clubs change hands. (p.55)
  • Regulate safe standing in stadiums and ensure that a proportion of the Premier League’s television rights income is spent on grassroots football facilities. (p.55)
  • Add the ICC Cricket World Cup to the list of […] sporting events that are broadcast free-to-air. (p.55)
  • Commission an independent review into discrimination in sport. (p.55)


  • Move towards introducing ‘safe standing’ at football clubs, requiring the Sports Grounds Safety Authority to prepare guidance for implementing this change. (p.37).
  • Support anti-racism and anti-homophobia campaigns in sport. (p.37)


  • Make sure all children get at least a half-day equivalent of sports in school and encourage both the use of schools’ sports facilities by the community and participation in regional and national sporting events by our young people. (p56).

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