The Sheffield College rewarded with visit to Wembley Stadium

FA College Grassroots Hub, The Sheffield College, were rewarded for their engagement in FA Hub Impact research with a trip to Wembley Stadium, organised by ECFA.

They were joined by students from Harrow College and they got a behind-the-scenes tour of the home of the England national football team.

Both colleges then took to a local pitch to compete against once another in a valuable and very close fought pre-season friendly.

James Firth, Active Project Leader from The Sheffield College, said: “It was a great day out and the lads really enjoyed themselves. It was a great start to the year!

“We really enjoyed the day and working with the FA, Harrow College and ECFA made this a fantastic day for some of our second years and the new students to the college.

“Of the 16 students, only three had ever visited London never mind Wembley! So for them it was a real eye opener and hopefully not the last time that they will visit Wembley.

“Harrow College were fantastic hosts and the game was amazing.  Two very matched teams played out a stunning game that ended on penalties.

“Football was the winner here and we even had great weather too!”

Liam Dyson, HE student from The Sheffield College said: “Today was epic, I have been to Wembley a few times, but never been on the tour, which really opened my eyes to what happens on a match day, but also great to hear about all the other events that goes on at Wembley.”

Abdi Saleh, Level 2 Sport student from The Sheffield College said: “I loved today, the early 5am start wasn’t my favourite bit, but Wembley and the match was great.  I loved mixing with the other team!”

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