The WorldSkills UK Fitness Trainer Competition: Regional heats coming to their conclusion for 2016

The regional heats of the WorldSkills UK Fitness Trainer Competition have come to an end and Competition Manager, Christopher Pitts, shares his experience of the final round at City of Glasgow College, before the competition heads to the National Semi-Finals in July.


After a whistle-stop tour of the UK with Karen Stanton; Head Judge, we finally ended up in the rainy city of Glasgow for the final live heat in the WorldSkills UK Fitness Trainer Competition.

By the time I reach home I’ll have covered just shy of 1600 miles by plane, train, car and even a ferry to see every one of the 40 Gym Instructors and 30 Personal Trainers compete at one of five heats. But Glasgow welcomed me and the team (Craig Prophett from Exeter College and Eileen Baron, a self employed IQA for Premier Training) with truly open arms.

It’s our first year in Glasgow for the competition but City of Glasgow College are some of the most experienced hands around when it comes to hosting WorldSkills events and are renowned in the world of skills competitions. Our impromptu site visit the day before competition set everyone’s minds at rest that every small detail had been thought about and every eventuality prepared for. A rare sigh of relief and stress free moment in the competition.

And a rare late morning start the next day – with a shorter day planned we were actually able to eat breakfast at the hotel for once! Only then to be offered a second breakfast once at the college who had everything prepared for us and the competition – a sign of the great hospitality still to come.

We began the day with the one and only PT competitor for Scotland who although nervous, had his head in the game throughout his session. The judging team then worked through the day to see five Gym Instructors in what might be the most modern and well equipped college gym I’ve ever seen – not a crack in the leather or fingerprint on the chrome bars to be found, even when looking with a magnifying glass!

Unbeknown to us, while we were standardising and confirming the scores from the day, the events team from the college were setting up an awards area for us with refreshments, mini cakes and even balloons in the colours of the WorldSkills UK logo. As always with the competition rounds, we announce the 3rd, 2nd and then highest score for the heat and a truly heart-warming moment was felt by all when Kayla Middleton from Fife College (the first time the college has been involved) took the highest score and couldn’t quite believe it for a moment or two and was even still speechless when leaving the building several minutes later.

The scores from all heats are now being verified by WorldSkills before we can finally announce our National Semi-Finalists for 2016. Plans are already underway for the live heats 2017 but until then, I’d personally like to say a huge thank you to all of the host venues we’ve been in this year, the judges (and their employers) who volunteered their time to support us, the competitors, clients and all the staff who brought them along and trained them.

We’ll see you all again next year…