Top five activities to try over the summer holidays

Summer hasn’t really shown its face much so far this year, so time for picnics and barbeques has been fairly limited.


But that doesn’t mean you can’t get out to enjoy some time away from the classroom over the next few weeks.

Why not use the time to try a new sport or activity, that you might not otherwise get a chance to do during the college year?

If you enjoy it, you could even take it back to college in September and set up a club and get others involved.

Here are AoC Sport’s top five activities to try over the summer holidays. Let us know which one you’ve tried out – or if you’ve gone for something completely different.

1) Ultimate frisbee: Ideal for the park or the beach, ultimate frisbee is getting bigger all the time. It’s a non-contact game, and points can be scored by passing to a team-mate in the opponent’s end zone. So all you need is a frisbee, some friends and an area to play in. Easy!

2) Water polo: What could be better than jumping into a cool swimming pool while you’re on holiday – and trying out an Olympic sport while you’re there? All you really need to get started is a ball, some markers for goals, and some friends. The official game is played with seven-a-side (including a goalkeeper), but you can easily have a friendly game with just a few people.

3) Beach volleyball: There’s probably not a more perfect way to have fun, get active and catch a tan at the same time. Watch it in action at the Olympics on the Copacabana beach inRio, and then get out a try it yourself. And if you enjoy beach volleyball, why not take it into the pool next time?

4) Footgolf: More and more official footgolf courses are springing up all over the country, and it’s not expensive to have a round. But if there’s not a course near you, it’s just as easy to set up your own game in your local park. A ball balanced on top of a cone is perfect for a target, just put it down somewhere, decide on your starting point and see who can knock the ball off with the fewest number of shots.

5) Water balloon dodgeball: Do we need to say any more?