Youth representative chosen for ECFA Committee

AoC Sport is delighted to have selected the new youth representative for the ECFA Committee.

The ECFA Committee is one of three advisory groups to the AoC Sport Board.

Its purpose is to advise the Board on all football business and set and monitor progress against the strategy for growing and developing football competition and participation in colleges.

We are delighted to welcome Rosie May, Women’s Football Apprentice at Bridgwater and Taunton College, to the committee who will represent youth voice.

Here’s what Rosie had to say after attending her first committee meeting earlier this week:

“Being a part of the ECFA Committee for me is a huge honour, I feel privileged to have been accepted out of a number of strong candidates.

I applied because I have a passion for positive change, and making sure that all young people have access to the same opportunities.

I want to be a voice for not only young people in the South West, but all over the UK. I believe it is extremely important to get a young person’s perspective when you’re making such decisions that affect them.

Moreover, I want to take everything I’ve learnt from the FA Women’s Football Apprentice programme and help make a positive stamp on the sport industry.

After my first meeting I left feeling proud of myself, stretched, challenged and determined. At first, I was just in awe listening to all of the members speak about football so passionately.

I felt eager to learn more and more as the meeting went by. It was challenging trying to grasp the flow because it all goes by so fast, so I know I have to learn to go in with a question and not hold back.

However, I felt like the points I said were welcomed and the members valued my contributions.

I am now looking forward to the next meeting, where I can build on what I have learnt so far.

I plan to speak to students in my college and in other colleges once I have the agenda to represent other students’ views in future meetings.”

Lauren O’Sullivan, National Football Development Manager at AoC Sport added:

“We want to enhance student engagement across all areas of our work and ensure young people’s views are represented on ECFA Committee to ensure that young people have a voice in decisions affecting them.

We know diversity at the boardroom leads to better decision making and are therefore hopeful this position will provide a unique and exciting developmental opportunity for Rosie, whilst the committee benefits from diversity of thought, new ideas and the perspective of someone who has experienced ECFA competition and football development programmes first hand.

I was fortunate to have opportunities similar to this through The FA Youth Leadership Programme so I see real win:win value in creating these opportunities for youth-adult partnership.

I was confident from Rosie’s interview and her time as a Women’s Football Apprentice that she will be a great addition to Committee and she certainly demonstrated that at her first meeting so well done Rosie.

I would strongly encourage colleges and organisations within the sport industry and education sectors to consider how they can increase meaningful youth engagement through their work.”

Following the launch of the AoC Charter for Student Engagement at the AoC Student Engagement and Personal Development Conference on Wednesday 19 July, we invite colleges to sign up to the charter.

Students are partners in the education process and colleges benefit enormously from engaging with them at every level. This engagement needs to be authentic and meaningful and build on students’ knowledge, skills, experience and aspirations.

Sport and physical activity presents a fantastic way to engage students in this way; whilst contributing towards the Personal Development standards within the new Ofsted Framework.

If you are interested in signing up to the Charter to show your support for student engagement please contact National Football Development Coordinator Cameron Miller.


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