Education & Employment

Colleges are a key provider of the professional and volunteer workforce for sport – each year 100,000 students study an industry-related sport qualification at college and 25,000 students regularly volunteer in sport programmes at college.

We work with partners such as Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA), ukactive, employers and awarding organisations to ensure and promote a clear line of sight to employment.

Sport and physical activity plays an important role in developing the skills of all students, not just those studying sport. There is increasing evidence linking sport participation to enhanced employability skills and increased earnings in later life.

  • We support colleges to develop employability skills and promote character education using sport and physical activity as a tool.

“More active students had higher confidence in finding employment six months after study” – British Active Student Survey 2019/20

  • We closely monitor Ofsted reports to identify themes in inspection.
  • We share examples from Ofsted reports in which sport and physical activity has been identified as having a positive influence on the inspection outcome.

Education Inspection Framework

In 2019, Ofsted implemented its new education inspection framework (EIF) which places greater emphasis on the substance of education.

The key changes to the framework are as follows:

  • A new quality of education judgement – focusing on curriculum intent, implementation and impact.
  • The removal of the outcomes judgement.
  • The separation of behaviours and attitudes (exhibited by students) and personal development judgements (the activities a college provides to develop students outside of their academic or technical discipline).
  • The simplification of provision types – education programmes for young people, apprenticeships, high needs provision and adult learning programmes.
  • The introduction of the deep dive methodology

Awarding Organisations

These are some of the organisations we work with:

Support for curriculum planning

CIMSPA Professional Standards Framework

The Chartered Institute for the Management of Physical Activity (CIMSPA) is the professional development body for the UKs sport and physical activity sector. It is responsible for defining employer-led standards for every job role and enabling greater career pathways for the entire workforce.

The CIMSPA Professional Standards Framework outlines occupations and job roles within the sport and physical activity sector, by defining what knowledge and skills an individual must understand and demonstrate to undertake a particular role.

For more information about this area of work please contact Rachel Walker