Student Health Campaign

AoC Sport’s Student Health campaign aims to make the case for sport and physical activity in colleges and why it’s important in a wider sense for students’ health and wellbeing.

Many colleges have already signed up to the AoC Mental Health and Wellbeing Charter so we are asking college leaders to publicly reaffirm their commitment to this and promote the benefits of physical activity and the opportunities available to their students.

Dean Hardman, Director of Sport and Student Experience at AoC, explains why he thinks sport and physical activity should be a priority in colleges:

“Sport and physical activity may not be the most important thing right now, but to dismiss them as unimportant or to deprioritise them would be a mistake.

For many students, the world will feel like a very different place post-coronavirus and the ability to exercise and connect with others will provide a much-needed sense of “normality”.

Perhaps most importantly, participating in sport together, face-to-face or virtually, provides a unique opportunity for staff and students to rebuild their colleges’ sense of community.

With disrupted timetables and time away from campus, rebuilding colleges as a community will likely prove difficult. The shared sense of purpose and communal experiences that sport and physical activity bring can be key to retaining and enhancing a sense of college identity.”


It’s important to recognise that the delivery of physical activities in colleges will be very different this year so we want to raise awareness of the support being offered to our members and the wide-ranging opportunities available this autumn.

How to get involved

  • Follow @aoc_sport on Twitter
  • Get your college to tweet the following from the main college account:

We are committed to the physical and mental wellbeing of every student here at xxx College. That’s why we are reaffirming our pledge to the AoC Mental Health & Wellbeing Charter as part of the @aoc_sport Student Health campaign.#StudentHealth #LoveOurColleges

  • Tweet from a personal account on why you think sport and physical activity is important in colleges using #StudentHealth