AoC Sport works on a wide range of projects. For the next two years we will invest our resource engaging inactive students in sport and physical activity.

The investment we receive from Sport England will be used to support and deliver a series of targeted interventions in colleges, focusing on the following groups:

·         Lower socio-economic groups

·         Women and girls

·         Inactive students

·         Volunteers

Current projects:

Increasing the levels of sport and physical activity within lower socio-economic groups

Increasing the levels of sport and physical activity amongst women and girls

This Girl Can Ambassadors programme – We recruit students to inspire their female peers to be active in their college. Applications begin in September and we offer training and support throughout the year.

This Girl Can Mass Participation

Decreasing inactivity through disability interventions

Increase the number and diversity of volunteers- AoC Sport Leadership Academy

If you are interested in being involved in any of these projects please look out for information on our social media channels or speak to your Regional Development Officer or Policy and Projects Officer.

Local Development Opportunities (LDOs)

Local Development Opportunities are an alternative opportunity for colleges and students wishing to take part in less formal activity.

The makeup of our LDO offer is varied; we try to provide opportunities in sports that sit outside of our formal competitive offer as well as traditional sports.

Sometimes they are organised in partnership with NGBs, other times local sport organisations, colleges or Regional Development Officers.

Sports that feature within our formal competitive offer are also included in LDO programmes to provide those colleges that may not have enough students to enter weekly leagues, an alternative playing opportunity.

This provides them with regular activity, with the hope that they would develop as a team and transition into our competition pathway in the future.

Local Development Opportunities are a member benefit and are delivered in term two and three. If you or your students have any suggestions of activities that you would like to get involved in please contact your Regional Development Officer.

This is what we offered colleges in 2018/19