This Girl Can Ambassadors

The purpose of the This Girl Can Ambassadors is to promote and inspire other females within their colleges to participate in sport and physical activity whilst raising awareness of the Sport England This Girl Can campaign.

We are advising colleges to recruit a maximum of two This Girl Can Ambassadors who would be most suited to the role. However, larger colleges or colleges with numerous campuses can request further Ambassadors.

We would also encourage previous This Girl Can Ambassadors to help recruit and support the two new Ambassadors at their college.

The role

To successfully fulfil the role students should be able to commit to the following:

  • Promote and inspire other young females in their college to take part in sport and physical activity
  • Support female students to be more active
  • Raise awareness of the This Girl Can Campaign
  • Complete e-learning training modules online
  • Work with staff members at college to monitor any participants engaged in existing or new session that they have promoted
  • Engage a minimum of 20 female students through promotion or delivery of sessions and complete a participant monitoring form to record this
  • Complete a personal development form
  • Use their college social media to post about activities and campaigns

What’s expected of an Ambassador

  • Behind the scenes – Inspiring others 
  • Making people aware/promote/drive session – market and communication (social media) 
  • Finding out what girls in your college want 
  • Involved in planning of session & what it looks like 
  • Working with staff 

What’s not expected of an Ambassador

  • Deliver at the session 
  • Setting out equipment 
  • Session planning 
  • Taking registers 
  • Monitor and evaluate sessions 
  • Being an expert 

Ambassador Mentors

Students who were part of the This Girl Can Ambassador programme in 2020/21 can sign up to a new Mentor role, supporting them to build on their leadership skills by mentoring new Ambassadors at their college. Mentors will have access to a new e-learning module to help them in their role. Colleges can recruit a maximum of two This Girl Can Ambassadors and two Ambassador Mentors. Each individual student can only be involved in one of our Ambassador programmes in 2021/22. 

Benefits for Ambassadors

  • Online and face-to-face training to provide you with the knowledge and confidence needed to be a This Girl Can Ambassador.
  • Support to create your own action plan
  • Develop key personal and employability skills such as verbal communication and leadership.

Benefits for colleges

  • Develop a volunteer workforce to better promote provision for female students with mental health difficulties
  • Improved promotion of physical activity sessions to students
  • Personal and employability skills developed in ambassadors
  • £100 funding per college to support delivery of Ambassador action plan.

How to get involved

    • Step 4 – College staff share registration form with successful Ambassadors 
    •  Step 5 – Students register to the This Girl Can Ambassador programme using the link provided by their college staff member. Registration for Ambassadors closes on 22 October 2021. 
    • Step 6 – Colleges confirm the names of their Ambassadors by 22 October 2021 by completing the form sent by AoC Sport staff. 
    • Step 7 – AoC Sport will contact colleges and students confirming Ambassadors and the next steps. 
      • Step 1 – To be involved colleges must be signed up to the AoC Sport Leadership Academy To register your college, please complete this sign-up form. 
      • Step 2 – Colleges identify which Ambassador programmes they would like to be involved in (colleges can access multiple programmes) 
      • Step 3 – Colleges select up to two suitable Ambassadors and up to two Ambaasador Mentors. The Ambassador application window will open on 13 September 2021. (Larger colleges or colleges with numerous campuses can request further Ambassadors).


If you need any further information or support, please email Sam Strickson Development Officer

Being an ambassador during the COVID-19 pandemic  

According to a recent MIND survey, 68% of children and young people said their mental health has got worse during the COVID-19 outbreak and more than half of them thought it was because they couldn’t play sport or exercise as they normally would.  

Therefore, programmes like the This Girl Can Ambassador scheme are more important than ever to support young people and promote physical activity as a key tool to improve their wellbeing.  

We do of course recognise that the restrictions in place in colleges and communities and additional safety measures will alter how an ambassador might plan a suitable awareness campaign and interact with their peers.  

Physical activity sessions at college may be operating in a reduced way and many of the adjustments that college staff are making during the pandemic response are suitable methods for this programme. These include the use of online meetings and sessions, the use of social distancing and the reduction in face-to-face delivery.  

This topic will be discussed in the ambassador training to ensure that they have the confidence to carry out their roles and be effective.  

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