Strava Challenge

We have created a six-week Strava running challenge beginning on Monday 21 September aimed at college sports teams rather than whole colleges.

Colleges will be able to compete against fellow sports teams and also other teams across the country in six weekly challenges.

Colleges can also enter subject groups and classes, such as public services, sport or hairdressing. However, it must be a small group and not cover a whole BTEC Level or multiple year groups.

The team club with the highest average distance nationally per week will win a £50 JD sports voucher. Winners will be announced each Monday starting from 28 September (week one begins on Monday 21 September) until 26 October.

To give smaller clubs the same chance of winning as larger clubs, the average distance will be calculated by dividing the total weekly distance of the team by the total number of students in the team club.

The leaderboards page will be updated every Monday from data submitted by students on their team club Strava account.

How to get involved

Risk assessment and safeguarding guidance

We strongly recommend that you set up privacy zones for your address on your Strava account.

These privacy zones will restrict others from seeing where you start and finish. So if you are starting or finishing your exercise from your house this won’t appear on your Strava map.

A guide on how to set up privacy zones

We advise that as you would do in any sports activity, a risk assessment should be done. This should include the routes being taken and that users follow the highway code.

Below is a guide giving detailed instructions on the challenge itself and the Strava app. Please feel free to share with students and staff.

Be Your Best Strava Challenge