Volunteer Reward and Recognition Scheme


The Volunteer Recognition Scheme aims to reward and recognise the student volunteer workforce in further education.

Students can be nominated by college members of staff, peers, and AoC Sport staff.
The scheme will encompass two elements:
1. National Volunteer of the Month Awards
2. National Volunteer of the Year

National Volunteer of the Month Awards

• Six awards will be given once a month between December 2021 and May 2022.
• Each award will be announced via AoC Sport social media (Instagram and Twitter).
• Students will receive a certificate and £20 restaurant or shopping voucher.
• Nominations will be completed via a short online nomination form asking for key details.
• Winners will be chosen by a panel consisting of two AoC Sport staff members and one youth representative aged 16-24.
• Each nomination window will be open for one week, these dates can be viewed below

Award No. Month Nominations Open Nominations Close Winner Announced By
1 December 1 December 2021 8 December 2021 17 December 2021
2 January 12 January 2022 19 January 2022 28 January 2022
3 February 2 February 2022 9 February 2022 18 February 2022
4 March 9 March 2022 16 March 2022 25 March 2022
5 April 20 April 2022 27 April 2022 6 May 2022
6 May 11 May 2022 18 May 2022 27 May 2022


Eligibility Criteria

• Only students studying at a recognised AoC Sport Leadership Academy college will be eligible to receive an award.
• Nominated students must be actively contributing to sport and physical activity in further education or through their college in the community.
• Students can win more than one National Volunteer of the Month award.

Nominating a Student

A short nomination form will be available via this link and must be completed before the deadline. Please note that students can be nominated more than once and the activity the student is being nominated for does not need to have taken place in the month they are nominated i.e. you could nominate a student in March for their contribution in December.

Nominations will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • Being a positive role model to other students and those they are working with in their volunteering role
  • Commitment and dedication to volunteering
  • Positive impact on sport and physical activity at college or in the community through a college-led programme

Due to the impact of Covid-19 on volunteering opportunities students may be volunteering in different ways and facing more challenges in their roles than ever before. This will be taken into account when assessing nominations.

Information required for the nomination form will include:

  • Student volunteer’s name, email address and social media handle
  • Nominator’s name, email address and relationship to student volunteer
  • Information on how the student is contributing to sport and physical activity in further education

Notifying the Winner

Before the winner is announced on social media AoC Sport will contact the following individuals to notify them and obtain any further information that may be required e.g. photo:

  • Nominator
  • Leadership Academy lead member of staff at the college (if they are not the nominator)
  • Nominee

National Volunteer of the Year

The National Volunteer of the Year award is part of the annual AoC Sport Awards programme.

  • There will be one award given at the end of the year
  • Criteria will be confirmed when nominations open.

2019/20 winners

Student Volunteer of the Year was Yahya Sheik-Hassan (Newham Sixth Form College) – read his inspiring story here.

Monthly volunteer winners


Marta Araujo De Lima –  Newham Sixth Form College

Ben Whittaker – Blackburn College

Kheira Wilson – Tyne Metropolitan College

Georgina Coulter – Bexhill College

Imani Sayles – Dudley College

Caitlin Wheat – Nottingham College

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